September 1st
This talented bunch of youngsters is going to make a big impression, either collectively as Dulaman or individually in whatever context they choose, because make no mistake, they are superb musicians.  Guitar, fiddle, mandolin and double-bass all played well, but more than that, played with invention - their arrangements show an imagination I wish some more established bands had.  Whether tackling Irish or Bluegrass tunes or songs from the tradition or contemporary sources, there was a spark and flair which got the whole audience involved and excited.  What is extra-ordinary is that they are so young, and what they could be in five or ten years is mind-boggling, it really is!  Watch out, they're going to be huge.

24th June 2000
Bye-Bye, Linda
And thanks for all the mangoes !!!

2nd June 2000 - Pint & Dale

William Pint & Felicia Dale gave us a wonderful evening's entertainment with powerful songs, poignant songs and humorous songs, with great harmony singing and well worked out accompaniment on guitar and hurdy-gurdy.  From the opening "John Riley" and the storming "One More Day" to the gentle but heart-rending "Beaches of Leukannon", there was quality in everything they did.  And they were so approachable, too, Felicia being very happy to display her hurdy-gurdy to those interested, and they left Northwich a few CDs lighter.  They should be better known - and I'm sure in time they will be.  Next time they come over from Washington state, they'll be welcome back in Northwich.

12th May 2000  -  John & Ailsa Booth and friends




Ailsa and John would like to thank all their friends for their contributions to a memorable night - especially:-

    Iain Bowley, who was MC for the night and also assembled all that PA (and packed it all back into his car afterwards) and sang and played for us too!

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