These words by Bill Pook:

My thoughts on a dear friend who I will really miss.
With Tom you always felt you were meeting an old friend whether you had known him for 6 weeks or 60 years. In his company you felt comforted, you had an ally because he really listened . We had many philosophical and theological conversations going to gigs where answers were never evident....Tom’s response?  It’s a bugger and make no mistake. Yes Tom, it is a bugger and you were no mistake. Wherever you be, mate, I know the sun shines on you.

By Brenda Yates:

Tom was a good friend.  Not intrusive, happy to be called on when needed for a bit of moral support or advice, always prepared to offer an ear.  His kindness, wry humour and wisdom will, I hope, stay with me for a long time yet.  He was a good friend to Northwich Folk Club too. He preferred to keep in the background, but was a rock solid support to the club, quietly taking on whatever jobs came his way, and always the voice of reason.  It’s been a great privilege to know him.

By Dave Ball:

Tom's way was the warm kind voice of Cornish reason: a pause and then a considered quietly-smiling response.  It gives me enormous pleasure to recall his voice and his keyboard playing in the centre of the back row of Madcap.  Not one to push himself forward to the front, but you paid attention when he wanted to be heard.  Impossible to forgot him.

By Ailsa Booth:

I will always think of Tom as a kind, generous and wise friend who was such a good listener. Tom had the ability to offer help and advice in his own way when I really needed it - sometimes this would be delivered with a teasing humour that was just right!
Tom had a love of many kinds of music and I cherish the memory of the times when we played and sang together, whether it was classical, folk or the old standards which we both loved. I just wish we’d had more time. I was very lucky to have Tom as a friend ... and I’m going to miss him enormously.

By John Booth:

Tom would have laughed at anyone who said he was wise but that’s how I think of him. You see, Tom would always seem to take a breath (and a thought) before he spoke, and so he rarely said anything that wasn’t considered and, without doubt, worth listening to. The other side to this of course was that Tom listened. I will miss him for the many conversations we never got round to having. I will miss him for his wink and understanding smile. I’ll miss him because he was Tom and he was a good person to know.