Northwich Folk Club - Forthcoming Events

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reduced admission* to guest nights for the whole year.
All nights start at 8:30 at The Harlequin Theatre unless stated otherwise.
We aim to finish just after 11:00.
*Please note that due to PRS rules, Admission is (unless otherwise stated) by Suggested Minimum Voluntary Donation. This is to avoid disproportionately high PRS fees. While these amounts are described as "Voluntary", I am sure our visitors are aware that if we do not receive these donations, we would no longer be able to continue to be financially viable. We thank you for your understanding.

February 26th
Singers' Night at the Polish Club
£3 Steve
March 4th
Singers' Night / Dave Vaughan (2nd half)
£3 Dave
March 11th Winter Wilson £7 (members £6)
March 18th Singers' Night at the Polish Club £3 Nick
March 25th
Themed Singers' Night : Traditional Songs, Poems and Stories
£3 Iain
April 1st
Andy May Trio £12 (members £10)
April 8th
Singers' Night £3 Steve
Apriul 15th
Singers' Night and Nick's Skiffle Session at the Polish Club £3 Nick
Already this year we have been entertained by: Pete Coe, Cupola and Barlow Cree
Last year, we enjoyed:
Little Rach, Jez Lowe, Bill Caddick, Broom Bezzums, the Hut People, Tom Doughty & Graham Bellinger, Keith Hancock, Flossie Malavialle, Grass Roots, Paul Reaney, Derek Gifford, Harp And A Monkey, Stanley Accrington, Les Barker, the Phil Cockerham Trio, Sarah McQuaid and the Time Bandits.
In 2014, we were entertained by:
Bernard Cromarty, Bernard Wrigley, Dan McKinnon, Winter Wilson, Vicky Swan & Johnny Dyer, David Swann, Barluath, Bella Hardy, Skyhook, Tom Browne & Ian Goodier, Sixpenny Cut, Michael Gibson, Strung Together, Mike Billington, Vin Garbutt, Tich Frier, Wizz Jones, Dave Gibb, Churchfitters and Full House.
In 2013, we have enjoyed:

Janice Bell, Union Jill, Keith Donnelly, Maggie Boyle & Paul Downes, Patsy Matheson & Becky Mills, Sunjay Brayne, Philip Henry & Hannah Martin, Ritchie-Parrish-Ritchie, Legends of the Edge, the Young Uns, Pete Morton, Maz O'Connor, Ailsa & John Booth, Keith Hancock and the Time Bandits.
In 2012, we enjoyed:
Roger Davies, the Churchfitters, Three Sheets To The Wind, Les Barker, Janet Russell, Tom Doughty, Gren Bartley, MerryHell, Corvus, Miriam Erasmus, the Jaywalkers, Steve Turner, Loctup Together, Hans Theessink, Joe Topping, Dan McKinnon, Sarah McQuaid and Duck Baker & Helen Roche.
... and you can look forward to more great acts in 2012 - watch this space!

In 2011, we have enjoyed:
Tom Brown & Ian Goodier, The Time Bandits, Keith Donnelly, Vin Garbutt, Zoe Mulford, Suntrap, Pilgrim's Way, The Hut People, Bram Taylor, Full House, Greg Russell, Fake Thackray, the Carrivick Sisters, Barron Brady, Mambo Jambo, the Emily Portman Band and 4Square.
In 2010, we enjoyed:
Chill Until Blue, Jim Causley, Will Kaufman's "Woody Guthrie" show, Peter & Barbara Snape, \kirsty McGee & Mat Martin,
Isambarde, Rubus, Andy Clarke, Brian Peters, My Sweet Patootie, Tom Doughty, Mark Sutcliffe, Pete Morton, Anthony John Clarke, Sarah McQuaid, Bob Fox and Martin Simpson..
In 2009 we enjoyed:
Ruth Fuga & Ken Powell, Bill Caddick, Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching, Zoe Mulford, Skyhook, Bella Hardy with Chris Sherburn, the Askew Sisters, Bandersnatch, Jez Lowe, Scolds Bridle, Gus Glynn, Kerfuffle, Zero Temperence, Bernard Cromarty, Trio Threlfall, Ceri Rhys Matthews & Christine Cooper, Ember, Rory McLeod, Flaxenby, Duck Baker and 422.
In 2008 we enjoyed:

Bram Taylor, Zoox, Tom Browne.& Ian Goodier, Nelson Peach, The Boat Band, Flossie Malavialle, JP Slidewell, Tanglefoot, Pete Coe, Pete Morton, Tom Doughty, Brackenrigg, Roger Davies, Blackheart, the Churchfitters, Isambarde, Anthony John Clarke, the Time Bandits, Full House and Derek Gifford
And in 2007 we enjoyed:
The Time Bandits, the Wailin' Jennys, The Devil's Interval, Janet Russell, Steve Tilston, Bernard Wrigley, the Queensberry Rules, Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher, Kirsty McGee with Mat Martin, Rory McLeod, Tania Opland & Mike Freeman, Roy Clinging & Neil Brookes, Ember, The Outside Track, Breeze &Wilson, Celtish, Cloudstreet, Craig Morgan Robson, the Family Mahone, Belshazzar's Feast and Keith Donelly.